At Little Acorns we are able to take children from 2 years, spaces permitting. Parents/carers may stay with the child initially, according to the needs of the child, and provided they have reached a suitable maturity. They can stay with us until they start school. This is usually in the September of the academic year they reach four although not compulsory until the term after their fifth birthday. Please remember to apply at the school of your choice as soon after your child’s 3rd birthday as possible.


At Little Acorns we operate a waiting list. An application form must be completed and returned to the pre-school and your child will be added to the waiting list until a place has become available. We will give priority to children who will be attending the Primary School in the following academic year and those who live within Brixworth village.


Little Acorns Actively follows an inclusive and Senco policy, sometimes a child may need extra support in someway, and we encourage parents who think their child may have particular needs to talk to us about any concerns as soon as possible.