School Information


Our Session times are

Monday to Friday 9.15am to 12.15pm

Monday, Tuesday and Friday 12.45pm – 3.15pm

Lunch Club – Monday to Friday excluding Thursday 12.15pm – 1.00pm.

We like children to attend a minimum on 2 sessions a week

Morning sessions are currently £10.50 per morning which includes a drink and a snack.

Lunch Club is £2.50 per session

Afternoon sessions are currently £10.00 per afternoon which includes a drink and a snack.

All day sessions are priced at £22.00

The fees are billed monthly and should be paid within one week. We do operate an instalments system and would welcome anyone who wishes to take advantage of this. Failure to pay without prior arrangement will result in the forfeit of your child’s place. This may seem a little harsh but as a small business we can only survive if fees are paid on time.


Northants County Council follow the Governments pre-school education grant provision guidelines, which provides 38 weeks of 15 hour per week of funding, for all children from the term after their 3rd Birthday. This excludes Lunch club, which is chargeable to everyone even if they are eligible for government funding. If you are unsure when your child will be eligible for government funding then please ask at the pre-school who will supply you with a funding information sheet and give you any help you need.


The children can stay for optional lunch sessions for a small fee. All children attending the lunch club will be liable for the charge of £2.50 regardless of age and funding. This will be a good social experience for children particularly in the months before they go to school. They will eat with the staff, who will encourage good table manners at all times. We ask that you provide a balanced lunch box (ie sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit etc). No sweets or fizzy drinks


We do ask for children to wear suitable clothing for our messy and wet play experiences. Aprons are provided for the children’s use but we cannot always ensure that clothes will remain clean. In the winter and autumn months please bring clearly named coats, hats, scarves and gloves so that your child gets the opportunity to play in our outdoor play area. In the spring and summer months please bring a clearly named sunhat and sun cream. We do ask that you apply sun cream before coming to pre school although we will ensure that all children do have there sun cream reapplied when required. Please bring a named bag with a complete change of clothing as accidents do happen! These should be left on their peg at the beginning and collected at the end of every session.

We do have a uniform that is available for everyone to purchase. Whilst it is not compulsory we do encourage were possible all children to wear the uniform.

Gold / Yellow Polo Shirts £8.00

Bottle Green Polo Shirts £9.00

Bag £4.00

Order forms can be obtained from the pre-school.